meisha | sep.00

Meisha formed in 1996 after the prophet Sayas Ser spoke of a new era in time. He told Ken Camden, Pete Spynda, and Mike Tamburo that they would have to take a great journey into the sound that has all meaning. He told them the secrets that are held between sound and the universe. They could not understand what he was saying then but were inspired to work towards an understanding of this knowledge. That is the purpose of Meisha: to follow the path towards the greater sound. The Meisha records are a documentation of the ever continuing voyage down the path of discovery.

Meisha recently return from a month long tour, and their third album, The First Lesson in New Era Time, will soon be released on 482 Music. Michael and Pete have also formed another band, the Arco Flute Foundation, who have tour dates coming up in October following the release of their first two albums The Second Lesson in New Era Time and The Third Lesson in New Era Time on Cenotaph Audio.