Kinski / Paik / Surface of Eceyon
Crickets and Fireflies CD [MF11]

Crickets and Fireflies, the second in the Triptychs - three-way split CD series, sees KINSKI, PAIK, and Dryystonian ambassadors SURFACE OF ECEYON reunite after surviving 2002ís Terrastock V, the three-day gathering that threatened to blast Boston off the map with wave after unrelenting wave of psychedelic supersonics.

Completely improvised at K Recordsí Dub Narcotic Studio, and recorded by Adam Forkner (of YUME BITSU/SURFACE OF ECEYON), Kinskiís ìKeep Clear Of Me, I Am Maneuvering With Difficultyî is a perfect three-part blend of what KINSKI does best: sound and fury. It combines reserved, minimal sound experimentation, full-blown overdriven rock explosion, and a residual whirring and humming afterburn.

Few bands do dense and heavy, yet rapturous and exhilarating, as proficiently as Detroitís PAIK. The trio of Rob Smith (guitar), Ali Clegg (bass) and Ryan Pritts (drums) are quickly gaining acclaim for their stunning self-released CDs, and their loud, dazzling live shows. ìSpanish Holiday,î and ìEva,î their contributions to Crickets And Fireflies, captures PAIK at their most euphoric and commanding moments.

In 2000, Dick Baldwin (guitar), Daron Gardner (bass), and Aaron Snow (guitar) from Landing, Phil Jenkins (drums), and Yume Bitsuís Adam Forkner (guitar) formed SURFACE OF ECEYON as a unique opportunity to experience and achieve pure musical freedom and improvisation. In a rented practice space in New York City they made their initial tentative forays into these pathways. One of these first sessions birthed the final track on Crickets And Fireflies, a 29 minute opus absorbed in the light and sound of the vessyl depicting evidence of a mythic concert of stars.